Daishin Trading

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Company Profile
Our goal is to provide customers with the best quality for price vehicles.

We started this "car exporting business" in 2001 and have shipped more than 2,500 units of various cars to all over the world so far and our customers were very happy with our cars and our service .
Now our company name "DAISHIN TRADING" has been spreaded by our customers who bought cars from us by mouth to mouth advertising , friends to friends....

We got new estate and our new office & garage in 2008. It is only 5 minutes driving to an major auction house and also 15 minutes driving to NAGOYA port, very convenient place and we can save up lots of our time and this makes us to be able to supply better service to our customers.
We inspect all of our cars and test those cars on road as soon as they arrived to us from auction houses.

We love to give bigger alloy wheel like 17/18 inch , body kits, also bigger exhaust pipe on our cars.
Get your dream car from us "DAISHIN TRADING"
We are always very happy to supply your dream car!